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National Childbirth Trust Newsletter:

Another video well worth a look is newly out in DVD form only: Let's sing Nursery Rhymes, with Justin Fletcher (the voice of Jake and Doodles in the Tweenies) is a big fix for little ones who really enjoy those traditional rhymes from Little Jack Horner to Sing a Song of Sixpence. Justin narrates viewers through the magical Nursery Rhyme Land where he encounters all the old favourites using a mixture of real actions embellished with cartoon animation to conjure up the ten thousand men of the Grand Old Duke of York and Incy Wincy Spider. The result is highly engaging

Geraldine Mynors


Just a note to let you know how much we love Let's sing Nursery Rhymes Part One. My children (aged 3 1/2 and 22 months) are both absolutely transfixed whenever they watch it and when i told my daughter I was writing to you she said she wanted to make you a thank you card - please see enclosed!

I think it is a wonderful production, truly magical with a fantastic mix of old fashioned and contemporary costumes and appealing graphics. It is very refreshing to see so many animals accompanying the ryhmes in such a stunning location and the infectious happiness and energy you inject into your presentation is outstanding. Many, Many thanks.

Needless to say we can't wait for part two to come out!

Rachel - High Wycombe


My son laughed his head off at the antics of Polly and Sukey!

Louise - Camberley


I'd just like to say thank you on behalf of my son Morgan (7½ months) for his fantastic Nursery Rhymes DVD and signed photo from Justin which Grandma gave him at the weekend.  He's watched it already and was enthralled so we're really pleased! 

I notice from the website that you do a variety of other things and if in the future you hold any events locally or theatre shows then we'd love to hear about them.  I don't know if you're setting up an email notification service or mailing list but if you are then we'd love to be added.

Thanks very much again!

Eryl - Bracknell


I just wanted to say 'thank you' from my little boy Matthew, for the DVD you kindly gave me at  Christmas. He's watching it even more than Balamory now, which is saying something.
He's also loving 'Something Special' as well, and has started to pick up some of the signing, especially 'Look'. There is one child at his nursery that has hearing problems so I think it's a wonderful thing for him to learn.

Best regards,

Andrew - The Wokingham Times


Justin Just to say many thanks for the DVD - my small grandson thinks it wonderful.  Every success when it is launched in February.

Denise - Wokingham


We LOVE Lets Sing Nursery Rhymes!

We bought a copy of ‘Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes' because our children (Esme, 5, and Max, 3) love watching Justin so much in ‘Something Special' and ‘Tikabilla'.

Both children have watched this delightful video repeatedly since it arrived and they love to sing along with all the songs – even Max, who never normally likes to ‘sing along.' Esme particularly likes the hilarious animated Incy Wincy – and she's terrified of spiders normally!

Thank you for such a happy, funny and enjoyable DVD which the whole family likes to watch together. This is a good old-fashioned production enlivened by up-to-date music and magical animation. We've bought several Nursery Rhyme videos in the past and none have been anywhere as fun as this. We look forward to the next instalment!

Rachel - Taunton


Justin hosted a children's event at our new Borders store, London Colney. We had a group of 50 children from local schools at the store. They had a fantastic time, singing along with Justin to the Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes dvd. We had so many parents saying how much their children enjoyed the afternoon. A big thank you for an extremely successful event. We can't wait for Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes 2!

Alexandra Owen - Events co-ordinator, Borders London Colney


Just wanted to say thank you Justin for a brilliant DVD and signed photo via Anne.  It keeps my one year old Lauren amused  for ages and 4 year old Sam loves singing along to it.  I've even caught 8 year old Bethany singing along too!

Caroline - Portsmouth


I was very pleased to see Justin putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

David  (3 years old) - Nr Amersham


Hi! Just recieved dvd today and thought i'd tell you how much my children like it!
I have Lucas 2yrs 8mths who is already a BIG Justin fan-he is over the moon with this dvd so i'll have to buy part 2!Also I have Fintan who is 9 months he has enjoyed the dvd too I think he recognises some of the rhymes from a library group we go to.I also have a 5 yr old Bailey and i'm betting when he is home from school later he will love this dvd too! So big thumbs up this will keep my boys happy for weeks! Also excellent service and was delivered very quickly.
Many thanks,

Mrs Welfare - Cambridgeshire


I have been searching for a copy of this DVD since Christmas for my daughter, so am really pleased I finally found it. It was recommended on the 'CBeebies' website.

Rachel - Southampton


'It was a rare moment in our house but BOTH Charlie - my 2 year old son - and Evie - my 5 year old daughter (and at the age where it's very difficult to silence her for even a few minutes!) - sat absolutely spellbound while watching "Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes".

They're both familiar with Justin through 'Tikkabilla' and thoroughly enjoyed sharing his journey through Nursery Rhyme Land - meeting all their  favourite nursery rhyme characters along the way. 

The songs are of course familiar to them, which means they can sing along.  Along the way, there are also several 'makes', all of which my children insisted on constructing.  Add to this, Justin's fantastic presenting skills and it's a winning formula for children.  Having said that, I'm not sure who laughed loudest at the fishing sketch - myself or my kids!
We can't wait for "Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes - 2".'

Wendy - Hertfordshire


Congratulations Justin on a truly fantastic DVD!

My 21-month-old son Sebastian and I absolutely loved Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes. Since watching Justin aka Mr Tumble on Something Special, I've been desperate to get my hands on one of his DVD's as he is so delightful to watch – a true star. 

I had a permanent smile on my face throughout and found it hilarious. There is never a dull moment in the very cleverly produced storyline. We loved the sound effects, the colourful graphics, the arts & craft tips, the foot stomping, the bird droppings and the Polly & Sukey characters. Well done to Justin's co-stars too.

Perhaps with future productions, you could include babies or small children as they seem to identify to them really well.  And of course we'd love to see any outtakes too.

The best 10 quid I ever spent!

We're looking forward to Part 2.

Danielle & Sebastian


Hi there,  I just wanted to say how great the "Let's sing nursery rhymes" dvd is, my 2 children aged 4 and 21 mths love it, my daughter of 21 mths cries when it finishes, so then we have to put it on again, so you can imagine how many times they have seen it, we can't wait for part 2, keep up the good work Justin, we think you are great! Many thanks again.

Lindsey J


I just wanted to say what a wonderful afternoon we all had at 'The Big Party' show in Bradfield.My daughter thoroughly enjoyed both the show and meeting Justin and the gang afterwards.She hasn't stopped talking about it since.Today she took some photographs into her preschool for her 'show and tell'.All the kids love you Justin, keep up the good work and we are looking forward to buying and watching the new DVD when it's out! ,Thanks again

Fay - Whitchurch on Thames


Dear all especially for Justin, on Sunday the 10th July I took my profoundly deaf son (Aiden) to see your show at Bradfield College. Many many thanks for making an enjoyable show. Aiden is a big big fan of Jjustin and has had a difficult life not just to do with the deafness but many other issues. His concentration levels are extremly poor but he watched the whole show and even copied your dancing!! Many thanks for making my little boy happy.

Mrs Ford


Hi Justin, Have just had a fantastic day with you and the other presenters at the Big Party with Englebert & crew, and just wanted to say a BIG thank you for such a great show & "Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes" DVD. My 3 & 1/2 year old cried when it finished because it "wasn't long enough"!

Kirk, Mandy & Rebekah - Bracknell


What a brilliant DVD. Both my sons love it, my two year old asks to watch Justin! And my one year old loves to dance to the music. It's great, I was already singing the songs to them, but to actually see them was just great, and means that I can get on and do some things, whilst singing along! And they have the entertainment on the tele, other than just me doing the singing and dancing!! Can't wait for more! We also love Something Special, think it's an absolutely fab idea, and I've always wanted to learn some sign language and now I can along with my children! Keep up the excellent work and look forward to to part 2 and others!

Donna, Harry and Alfie - Somerset


We ordered the CD for our 2 little ones age 4 & 2 and it's been a big hit so far. I'm hopeless with nursery rhymes & always muddle them halfway through, so it's been a learning experience for all of us!  The kids especially love "Polly Put the Kettle On" & we all find the whole DVD really entertaining.  It's great that it has BSL, my kids don't need it but it's a great way of explaining how people are different.  The kids & myself are familiar with Justin from the CBeebies channel & he's a huge hit with the kids (personally I think he'd make a good Doctor Who!)

Adele  and kids (Adam & Lee)


I would just like to say how good we thought Let's Sing Nursery Rhymes
was and when will the next DVD be coming out? We are very much looking forward to it. The first DVD has kept our 14 month old son Brett glued to the TV and he does actions to quite a few of them. Many many thanks.

Mrs Grace - Leicestershire


We absolutely love the DVD. Justin is amazing as usual, (where does he get all his energy from?). My little boy is glued to the screen leaving me to get some rest for once! Found the dvd quite amusing to watch and it's great to be able to see the nursery rhymes being acted out and by soem very talented people. Thank you.



My name is Sam and I am 3.  I watched your DVD with my sisters Alice, 9 and Ellen, 8 as well as my brother Aidan, 6 months.  We laughed at the old lady doing a blow off.  I loved the Grand Old Duke of York and Simple Simon, and  when the fish splashed into the water in 1,2,3,4,5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive.  My mum laughs when you pull funny faces and she hopes to see the DVD all the way through one day!!

Samuel McKee


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